Moxy’s  – Digital Art – worth a double take. The more you look the more you see.  It has taken a long while to get it here.  I won’t bore you with the story, but I would like to thank a few friends for their support and patience whilst I put it together again.

Like all things, this is the first phase, and are websites ever finished? Isn’t there always more to add, more news, more images. You cannot wait forever until it is the right time to release it to the world. So here it is.

I do hope you have time to look through the gallery and read my latest journal entries.


Latest projects

Having just finished my “Not so Grimm Fairy Tales” exhibition, my next exhibition will be in the Stables Theatre in Hastings and it’s title is “Beneath the Twisted Cedar Tree”.  It is based around gardens, trees, life in the potting shed and other things, most of which I haven’t yet decided, but of course with a twist. Now this website is finally finished, and I have started collating images I need to make a start.

Early next year we will be starting Grimms phase II.  I have already asked a few people to model for me, but am always short of princes, huntsmen. I don’t expect it to be the same as Grimms I, but will complement it.


Our Shop

Now the website is finally completed, I will be taking a little breather before working on the shop side of the website.  All the images will be available in various forms, prints, canvasses and acrylic, together with brushes and overlays for fellow artists.

You will also be able to book yourself a place on a course or workshop when they become available.

Finally, of course, you will be able to buy vouchers for any of the above.


Courses and Workshops

Soon I will be resuming my courses and workshops.  This time they will be based more around getting to know your camera. Photography walks and workshops based around various topics either related to photography, photoshop or building a digital image.

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